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Located in Connecticut

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Thank you for visiting Foxfire Yorkies & Chihuahuas.

We are located on 16 acres in the beautiful rural northwestern hills of Connecticut. We raise our puppies in our home as part of our family so they can receive proper socialization.

We are proud members of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, the Chihuahua Club of America, the Heart of New England Chihuahua Club, the Hudson Valley Chihuahua Club, the Classic Toy Dog Club of Western Massachusetts, The Northwestern Connnecticut Dog Club,  and the Connecticut Dog Federation.

We enjoy exhibiting our dogs in AKC conformation dog shows, so every breeding is carefully planned in hopes we will produce our next show champion. Our breeding program focuses on quality, not quantity. We breed to the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard and strive for good health, structure, and temperment.

Not all pups are destined for the show ring and will become available to approved homes as a companion pet. All pets come with a written health guarantee, spay/neuter agreement, and limited AKC registration. Occassionally an adult may come available.

It is a requirement that we meet and approve the prospective new owner, therefore we do not ship our dogs.

For more information, email us at:

Rose & Bill Jenks
Breeder/Owner Handlers 

AKC Multi Group Winning, Multi Winning Best In Specialty Show,
Foxfire's City Slicker


#1 Breeder/Owner Handled  Yorkshire Terrier 2010

    AKC Championship Title Earned 
       Exclusively from the 
      Bred By Exhibitor Classes

Always Owner/Breeder Handled

06/25/10 Slick Earns His 
AKC Grand Championship Title

Slick Wins 3 Best In Specialty Shows

- 04/11/10 Watchung Mtn. Yorkshhire Terrier Club
AM Show: Judge Jackie Raynor 

- 04/11/10 Watchung Mtn. Yorkshhire Terrier Club
PM Show: Judge Tammy Lago

- 10/15/10 Yorkshire Terrier Club of the Nations Capitol
Judge Alfred Ferruggiaro

   Slicks Winning Show Record

2010 AKC Yorkshire Terrier 
Ranking #4 Breed
    Ranking #4 All Breed Toy

 Number of Wins
Best in Specialty Shows - 3
Best of Breed - 75
Group Wins   -  32
Toy Group 1 - 2
     Toy Group 2 - 14    
Toy Group 3 - 10
Toy Group 4 - 6

Slick has retired from Showing and rules the roost at Foxfire.

AKC Multiple Group Placing,
Best in Toy Show,
Best in Specialty Show,
CH Foxfire's Snapdragon

"Falcore" & Rose 

#1 Breeder/Owner Handled  Yorkshire Terrier 2004

  AKC Championship Title Earned 
  Exclusively from the
Bred By Exhibitor Classes

Always Owner/Breeder Handled

Yorkshire Terrier Club of America
Top Dog Award

#1 Breeder/Owner handled
Yorkshire Terrier

#2 AKC Top Breed Ranked
Yorkshire Terrier

#3 All Breed Yorkshire Terrier

Best In Show
 Progressive Toy Dog Cub

Best In Specialty Show
 Yorkshire Terrier Club of the Nations Capitol

Multiple Toy Group Placements

Falcore is retired from Showing 

He now lives the life of a pampered
pet in a wonderful home

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